What does the "predfined deployment version" text actually mean? Can anyone provide examples?

I'm trying to parse this:

By default, the Swift Package Manager assigns a predefined minimum deployment version for each supported platform unless configured using the platforms API. This predefined deployment version will be the oldest deployment target version supported by the installed SDK for a given platform?

Can anyone provide examples of how this works?

If you don’t specify a required version for a particular platform, it will default to as backward‐compatible as possible.

  • Specify macOS 10.13 and it will be usable on 10.13 and up.
  • Omit the entry for macOS and it will be usable on 10.10 and up (since that is the farthest back the package manager supports).

I moved this thread to “Using Swift”. The “Development” category is for discussions about improving the package manager itself.

How is “as backward as possible” being determined though?

As far back as the package manager supports. I don’t remember what the numbers are, but you can specify a version and then back it up version by version until the package manager complains. The last number that works is the default.

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