What does SR stand for? Also, Jira scrolling on iPad

A very basic question here: SE is Swift Evolution, PR is Pull Request, but I cannot seem to find anywhere what SR stands for... what is it an acronym of?

Also, does anyone else find scrolling in Jira very unreliable on iPad? Specifically it’s not at all smooth (high friction) and doesn’t work in certain areas. Sometimes only works in the margin, sometimes only works in the body.

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If I remember correctly SR stands for Service Request. I googled it years ago because I had no idea what it meant either :slight_smile:

Heh, that would probably make more sense than the actual answer:

A backronym for "Swift Report"; really the name is derived from LLVM's idiomatic use of "PR" ("Problem Report") for its bugs. We didn't go with "PR" for Swift because we wanted to be able to unambiguously reference LLVM bugs.

(from docs/Lexicon.rst)


Haha, I don't remember where I found it but I assumed "Service Request" must be one of those terms of art, and I was seemingly satisfied with the search result that I just went with it. I never came across "Swift Report" in my search – otherwise I would have blindly accepted it as answer to my quest I guess :stuck_out_tongue: