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GitHub - apple/swift-evolution: This maintains proposals for changes and user-visible enhancements to the Swift Programming Language. is redirect me to here. I have an idea and It is effective I thought. How to submit my idea on that proposal list? Can any one reply me with step wise?

Generally, you'd make a topic here so that people would discuss it, and eventually a proposal would be written up based on the questions and concerns that arose. Once an implementation is written for the proposal, it's offered for review by the core team, discussed, and merged in if the overall reaction is positive.

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Thank you for moving from the ancient mailing list to a forum! Apple is finally getting with the times!

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I am very glad that there's a forum community where we can all share ideas and help each other.

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All of the libraries designed by Apple, such as (SwiftUI, UIKit, CoreML, etc.) are considered to be standard libraries, right?

No; there is only one “standard library”. It includes all of the functionality you don’t need to import (e.g. array, string, dictionary).

Additionally, we have a couple of “core libraries” (e.g. Foundation). You still need to import those, but they are part of a standard toolchain and should be present on all systems which support Swift.

Libraries such as SwiftUI, Combine, and UIKit are Apple’s proprietary system libraries. They only exist on Apple systems, and are an intrinsic part of those systems. They are not part of the toolchain.


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