Weird error from the compiler when using Xcode 14

We had a piece of code that was working without a problem before, but now when I compile with the latest beta I get this error (this was working with beta 1).

here is the code

import UIKit

extension Optional where Wrapped: UIView {
  var isHidden: Bool {
    guard let unwrappedSelf = self else { return true }
    return unwrappedSelf.isHidden

protocol MyViewProtocol: UIView {}

class MyView: UIView, MyViewProtocol {}

let view: MyViewProtocol? = MyView()

the error I get from the compiler are these :

xpression failed to parse:
error: compilerProblemXcode14.playground:15:1: error: property 'isHidden' requires that 'any MyViewProtocol' inherit from 'AnyObject'

compilerProblemXcode14.playground:3:1: note: where 'Wrapped' = 'any MyViewProtocol', 'UIView' = 'AnyObject'
extension Optional where Wrapped: UIView {

I tried adding the AnyObject to the MyViewProtocol but it doesn't work.

I can workaround by not using my extension or casting my view as a UIView. or doing this
view?.isHidden ?? true

but I don't understand why the compiler is blocking us, we are surely doing something wrong but I can't see what.

Thanks for anyone that will take time to read this :slightly_smiling_face:.

(I sadly can't update the playground)

I thought constraining a protocol to a specific class wasn't possible.

Have you tried:

protocol MyViewProtocol: AnyObject {}

let view: (UIView & MyViewProtocol)? = MyView()

or with a typealias:

protocol MyProtocol: AnyObject {}
typealias MyViewProtocol = UIView & MyProtocol

let view: MyViewProtocol? = MyView()

It was actually working fine before with Xcode 14 beta 1 and previous version of Xcode.

I tried with your suggestion (thank you for that by the way :slightly_smiling_face: ), but no luck, I keep having the same error :slightly_smiling_face: