We need an off-topic category

Okay, please try it now. It should be available to anyone with in trust levels 3 and 4.

@John_McCall nothing has changed for me, regardless the strange level promotion DM that I got from @system. My trust level was already 'regular'. I only see the same 3 buttons as shown in the upthread screenshot.

The promotion email was probably that I unlocked your trust level. Previously, by your request, you'd been locked to 3 to avoid getting implicitly demoted to 2, but you're pretty far away from that now.

Slightly off-topic: Can you explain? I'm just curious.

This is the "gamification" stuff that's built into Discourse, where it auto-promotes/-demotes based on your level of activity. I'm not a huge fan of this, but I have to say that it does handle some basic things well enough. It's not based on some complicated AI; it's literally just a list of metrics based on what you've done in the last N days, and there's a required level in each, and if you meet them all, you get promoted.

Sorry to say that again, but I understand that part. I was rather curious about what you meant with that I'm far away from it now? :slight_smile:

I mean that you seem to be well above the thresholds to stay at level 3 across the board.

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