VDStore: A Minimalistic iOS Architecture Library

Introducing VDStore: A Minimalistic iOS Architecture Library

Hello Swift Developers,

I am thrilled to announce the beta launch of VDStore, a lightweight yet powerful state management and architecture library designed for both SwiftUI and UIKit.

:star2: What Sets VDStore Apart?

  • :weight_lifting_man: Minimalistic Design: Keep your codebase clean with our minimalistic approach.
  • :electric_plug: Dependency Injection: Manage your services and dependencies effortlessly.
  • :dart: State Management: React to state changes instantly and keep your UI up-to-date.
  • :evergreen_tree: Scalable: Fragment your stores into scoped stores as your project grows.

:package: Key Features

  • State mutation
  • State subscription
  • Dependency injection
  • Fragmentation into scopes for scaling

:computer: Quick Code Example

struct Counter {
  var value = 0

extension Store<Counter> {
  func add() {
    state.value += 1

struct CounterView: View {
  @ViewStore var counter = Counter()

  HStack {
    Button("Add") {

:link: GitHub Repository: VDStore GitHub

I'm eager to get your valuable feedback to make VDStore even better. If you have any questions, feel free to raise an issue on GitHub or reach out to us directly.