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Hello, I need create app to voip calls with webrtc and freeswitch verto mod in server side. And I can't find any information and understood examples. Please if know some examples or know how work with webrtc in swift write this. Maybe this topic will be useful for more developers.

I found example but don't understood how can I integrate it on my project. Please help

The reason why no one is responding here is that you’re way off topic )-: Swift Forums is, in general, about the development and use of the Swift language and this specific area, Development > Compiler, is focused on… well… the development of the compiler itself. No one here knowns anything about WebRTC, alas.

Presumably you’re working on an iOS app? If so, my recommendation is that you ask your question over on Apple Developer Forums. It’s quite active over there right now (because it’s WWDC week), so make sure you choose your tags wisely.

Best of luck!

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Quinn “The Eskimo!” @ DTS @ Apple

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Thank you. I'll ask in Apple forum