Using SwiftUI's @EnvironmentObject with TCA

Am I allowed to ask completely naive questions here? I've converted a few of my smaller projects to TCA and I'm still getting used to all the moving parts (and grateful for the parts that don't move!). The pieces are definitely falling into place.
As I convert existing code, it could very well be that I'm not doing things right, yet, but I find it a bit cumbersome to nest calls to new views (popups, forms, etc) with multiple stores -- adding them to the existing initializer and adding the store as a property. In one application I have 3 sets of State/Action/Environment (Global App, Local Forms, Local DailyView), and I don't use the combine feature of the reducer (yet) so they are independently used. Possibly not to best effect. What I was considering doing is create a shared singleton EnvironmentObject which consists of the 3 Stores and make that available to the views using the EnvironmentObject paradigm.
Is that such a baad thing?
I just spent a few minutes looking at examples and I'm thinking that I should be pulling back. I mentioned using combine in the reducers before, and I can see that my unfamiliarity with it led me down this path. So I don't know how to do it yet, but I'm making progress. Where do people go to discuss this stuff with others?

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