Using struct with nested structs that change based on an enum or similar.. (variants)

Hi all..

I played with Swift about 6 years ago but didn't get super deep into things and got busy with other things.. Now I've come back and a lot has changed. I'm enjoying my fiddling around with it so far and am playing around with a little experiment of my own.

I've got a category struct with a type enum and depending on the value of that enum then I'd like additional data to be available specific to the enum setting.

For instance if the enum specifies a "recurring" transaction that can be weekly, monthly or yearly I'd like fields to be available specific to the weekly or monthly or yearly if that makes sense. I think this is probably called using variants..

I did see some people talk a bit about this (link here and here) from at least 4 years ago regarding using structs + protocols to implement variants..

But I know that the language is still changing and perhaps now there's a better way in Swift -- then I'd like to give it a try..

thx in advance..

From what I understood, you are simply need an enum with parameters:

enum Recurring {
    case monthly(MonthlyParams)
    case yearly(YearlyParams)

struct MonthlyParams { 
    // …

Hmm.. I had to look up some other examples but I think that might just work.. Thanks! Apparently I've still got tons to learn!