Using String

Hello, I just sent an email to swift-dev titled "State of String: ABI, Performance, Ergonomics, and You!” at [swift-dev] State of String: ABI, Performance, Ergonomics, and You!, whose gist can be found at\. It’s very heavy on implementation details and potential future directions, but there is a section that pertains to swift-users concerning the Discourse migration:

## Community
With Swift’s mailing lists [moving to Discourse](\), this allows the opportunity for better community engagement and cross-referencing posts. We plan on starting an area under the “Using Swift” category focusing on idiomatic and/or performant solutions to string programming needs. These might be anything from simple programming problems to make-my-parser-faster challenges.

While this provides a community benefit by showing how best to use String, our ulterior motive is to mine posts looking for benchmarks, API gaps, and representative code that new features could improve. We’ll also, of course, want to bikeshed the name! My vote is for “String Dojo”, but there’s probably a reason I don’t normally name things.