Using a fresh installation of Swift on Windows: `stdint.h not found`

Inferred your swift-build output (unable to create symlink)… Did you enable Developer mode?

No I don’t, should I? I’m assuming yes given that you asked?

Didn’t know that developer mode was a thing on Windows haha, is that in the installation instructions somewhere?

It is in the Getting Started guide, but before Install Instructions.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the installer (that’s more of SwiftPM side) yet, but it should be enabled.

That should be the case with the 2022-03-09-a snapshot on main (-sdk %SDKROOT% should not be required).


Ok, I enabled Developer mode and those warnings went away, thanks!

I also just realised that the proper full installation instructions (with enabling developer mode and all) is in getting started. I skipped straight to the Downloads page and then found installation instructions there (which don't mention developer mode). It's a little confusing having the instructions in two places. Maybe the 'Using downloads' page should link to the getting started instructions for windows instead of having a less complete copy?