Use xcode13.2.1 + SPM manages a simple function module of SwiftUI, but the compilation fails when initializing the module instance in the project

1. define MyLibraryXcode | My Memory

2. use MyLibrary

import MyLibrary
struct ContentView: View {
    var body: some View {
        MyLibrary(image: .init(systemName: "star.slash.fill"))
                       .offset(x: 0, y: -130)
                       .padding(.bottom, -130)

build error:

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Undefined symbol: nominal type descriptor for MyLibrary.MyLibrary
Undefined symbol: type metadata for MyLibrary.MyLibrary
Undefined symbol: MyLibrary.MyLibrary.init(image: SwiftUI.Image, borderColor: SwiftUI.Color, shadowRadius: CoreGraphics.CGFloat) -> MyLibrary.MyLibrary
Undefined symbol: protocol conformance descriptor for MyLibrary.MyLibrary : SwiftUI.View in MyLibrary

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