Updating stable branch later next week

(Mishal Shah) #1

Later next week, we will be performing an update to the stable branch for swift-llvm, swift-clang, swift-compiler-rt, swift-lldb repositories.

We will be verifying the update on Swift CI with macOS and Ubuntu platforms.

For those supporting other platforms if you would like to test against the stable merge before it lands please check out the following branches:


I will update this topic before we perform the operation.

(Mishal Shah) #2

We are planning on updating the stable branch tomorrow.

(Mishal Shah) #3

Stable branch has been updated for swift-clang, swift-llvm, swift-compiler-rt and swift-lldb.

(Michael Gottesman) #4


(Pavol Vaskovic) #5

Sorry in advance for my stupid question, but is this the reason for the sudden influx of new commits on master? I'm seeing some 2782 new waiting to be fetched, where there were just under hundred two days ago...

(Mishal Shah) #6

To support new clang/llvm/compiler-rt/lldb changes on the stable branch, we updated the master branch on Swift repository.