Unresponsive Terminal when invoking `swift format` on 5.1-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2019-06-24-a

Unresponsive Terminal when invoking swift format, it should throw an error as no Argument found.

also when invoking swift format main.swift it stdout's the same file inside the terminal? , is it proper behavior?

Swift version 5.1-dev (LLVM 2238e51577, Swift 4e7bcdb469)
Target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

When there is no file specified, it takes input from stdin.

Yes, you can use -in-place to modify the file in place, or -o to write the output to another path.

But just to be clear: this is the "old" swift format tool that only does indentation.

thanks for the info, also i taught it was this one https://github.com/google/swift/tree/format