Understanding notes attached to issues in bugs.swift.org / process


First time Swift Forums / bugs.swift.org user. While trying to get some information out of a Dictionary created on another thread, I ran into crashing/compiling issues with the Dictionary’s keys.

It sounds a lot like a specific issue that’s already been assigned (SR-6003), so I was just curious - since there’s a workaround of sorts in the issue, and the issue is assigned, should I provide any additional information? Or just use the workaround until the next version of Swift comes out?

Providing extra information is always useful. If there is a different scenario in which the bug manifests itself, it will help identifying the root cause. Even the very fact that you’ve discovered the issue tells that it is not something only one person would ever encounter because it is hard to reproduce.

/cc @Karoly_Lorentey as the issue assignee.

Ok, will add a comment to the issue! Thanks.

The issue is fixed on the Swift 4.1 branch; you can check to see if you have run into the same problem by trying to reproduce it with a recent snapshot (downloadable from swift.org). Additional information is welcome either way. 👍

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