Type-based ‘private’ access within a file

For me, -1 for two reasons:

- Mainly, it still encourages stuffing everything into one file. I don't claim that having a 50-line files is the goal, but neither is having 1500 lines of code within one file. With less complex types, you're mostly fine with private/fileprivate as they are. For more complex types, you want to split the type across a few files making it better readable and organized. This doesn't help.

Absolutely -1 for me too (emphasis added). More churn on what ‘private’ means isn’t going to make anyone happy.

I’d much rather do nothing right now, and solve this problem for real later when we can actually solve this major pain-point for organizing Swift code. Having the file as the only intermediate organizational code unit between the module- and a type-boundaries is incredibly painful currently.