Training NN to a minimun loss with TensforFlow

I have run into a problem with setting a minimal loss for a NN to train to. I am running an experiment where I am training several hundred nets of the same layout on the same simple problem. After my first run of it I realized that I had one variable that I should take care off, how good the net was, that is to say how much loss it has. I went to set a minimum loss that the nets would have to hit in my training loop and the error
"SESE FIXME: Loops with multiple exits not handled yet!",
or the error
"SESE FIXME: Imperfect loop exits not handled yet!"
depending on how I try to get the loop to have a none fixed amount of iterations. I read the comments in the code from TFCanoncalizeCFG.cpp(processLoop) Line 239, and I understand that these are simply just not implemented. I forked the branch, followed the TF swift readme, and have been trying to build it, I am getting an error in the build process in swift/lib/SILGen/SILGenBridging.cpp, line 1124.

Assertion failed: (bridgeFnType->getParameters()[0].getConvention() == ParameterConvention::Direct_Owned), function emitBridgedToNativeError

Seeing as how the github README says the current build is passing I must be missing something but I am not sure, anyone have any advice on what the problem is?

The build error doesn't seem to be related to the tensorflow branch. Did you checkout that branch?

Yeah, after a little more digging it occurs when trying to build Foundations/Data.swift, the write(to:options) function, lines 1400 -> 1423.

Also yes I am up to date on the tesnsorflow branch.

How did you update checkout? It's likely that you accidentally pulled from master for Foundation etc.

Did you use:

./swift/utils/update-checkout --clone --scheme tensorflow

On a related note, the "SESE FIXME:.." is a known problem and we have created a bug to track this issue. You can follow the progress there. In future, it would be good idea to post issues related to the Swift for tensor flow compiler on the S4TF user community group at (See for more information.)

Yes I used that command, just re ran it, and rebuilt, and got the same error in the same place.

Thank you, will keep up to date with it.