"Tooling" -> "Source Tooling"?

We've had a "Tooling" component on JIRA (and here) for a while now, but I keep seeing bugs filed using it for project tools, like gyb or scale-test. What do people think about renaming the component to "Source Tooling", to better indicate its intended purpose? (IDE integration, an eventual swift-format, etc)

cc @akyrtzi in particular


Sounds good to me :+1:

Maybe the "About Tooling" can explicitly mention the tools covered by this category.

SGTM as well.

Okey dokey, I've changed the name. The URL should be unaffected.

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I've updated the JIRA too now. This might break some URLs that represent queries but shouldn't break any actual saved searches or links to individual bugs.

May want to update the Filing reports for issues found by the stress tester section in the sourcekitd stress tester blog post. Step 4 is For Component, enter “Tooling”.