"Tooling" -> "Source Tooling"?

(Jordan Rose) #1

We've had a "Tooling" component on JIRA (and here) for a while now, but I keep seeing bugs filed using it for project tools, like gyb or scale-test. What do people think about renaming the component to "Source Tooling", to better indicate its intended purpose? (IDE integration, an eventual swift-format, etc)

cc @akyrtzi in particular

(Argyrios Kyrtzidis) #2

Sounds good to me :+1:

(Ankit Aggarwal) #3

Maybe the "About Tooling" can explicitly mention the tools covered by this category.

(Ben Langmuir) #4

SGTM as well.

(Nicole Jacque) #5

Okey dokey, I've changed the name. The URL should be unaffected.

(Jordan Rose) #6

I've updated the JIRA too now. This might break some URLs that represent queries but shouldn't break any actual saved searches or links to individual bugs.