The Composable Architecture Installation issue - Cannot find type 'TaskPriority' in scope

Hi, I am having an issue adding the TCA to me project/workspace. Xcode cannot find some things such as TaskPriority . But I can find it with the quick opening.

Some issues:
Cannot find type 'TaskPriority' in scope
'Task' cannot be constructed because it has no accessible initializers
Value of type 'Task' has no member 'cancel'
Cannot find type 'CancellationError' in scope
Subscript 'subscript(dynamicMember:)' requires that 'State' conform to 'Equatable'
Value of type 'StorePublisher' has no dynamic member 'values' using key path from root type 'State'

All the Structs that cannot be find, are findable, and are public.

I am not sure if I understand what the problem is, long ago I've installed the same way to another project, with the SPM. Now there are some issues. Any suggestions? Kindly thank you.

Edit: oh, I see you posted this on the GitHub discussions page, too. Will move the conversation there.

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