Thankful for Swift!

(Stevo) #1

At this time of year, I just wanted to give a shout out to all the Swift creators and maintainers. I've been developing software in many languages for more than 30 years and it got to be kind of meh. Until Swift! Swift has re-invigorated my enjoyment for software development like nothing else in a long time. I jumped on and have been riding the Swift party train since 2.0. In run a small business providing development services to companies large and small and try to incorporate Swift as much as possible. We have deployed many apps including large frameworks, with much of it powered by Swift and it just rocks! From the syntax efficiencies, to generics, to the functional aspects, to tuples, to optionals, to value/reference, and on and on, I'm really enjoying it all. And it makes me want to go back and rewrite everything I've ever written to marvel at the efficiencies and power of Swift... There's hardly a day that goes by that I don't find myself saying (to others if they're around or just to myself!), "Have I told you how much I love Swift!?!". I know there's lots in the queue for the future, but what has been accomplished so far has made such a tremendous impact, I want to shout out a big THANK YOU!!! Your hard work is noticed and very much appreciated.

(Mark Patterson) #2

Yes, I had a similar experience. I have been in Delphi, which I loved when it came out 24 years ago, but now it feels cobbled together. Swift seems to have learned the lessons of the past and integrated them smoothly into a simple language.

(Sebastian) #3

Same here. Swift resurrected my passion for coding. A story I actually hear a lot. Just wonderful :pray:

(David Sweeris) #4

Same here :smile:

(Aleksandra) #5

Very insightful, thanks a lot!


I agree, Swift shines among most programming languages. It's still not perfect, but most of Swift is really beautiful.

Just like Laravel framework gave PHP new life, Swift language gave iOS development new life. But Swift is, as a language, obviously much more beautiful than PHP.

(Robert J Clegg) #7

Definitely share your sentiments. Swift is an amazing language. I have been using it more and more and love it so much, that I have decided to migrate a large, objective-c project to it!

(Tomáš Znamenáček) #8

Since we are on the topic, I love Swift, too. I went through Pascal and C to Java, Perl and later to Objective-C that I have spent most of my professional career in. I have always had platonic interest in “smarter” languages with more expressive type systems, but never had the opportunity to really work with Haskell or something. Swift made it possible for me to play with some of the more sophisticated features in a friendly package and it’s a lot of fun. Also, I love the community aspect, being able to read about things that I don’t really understand but sound cool. Sort of like being in Hogwarts. (Someone said that programming is the closest thing we got to magic. Indeed I sometimes feel like Hagrid when feeding the generics or caring for existentials, the compiler nipping at my fingers.)