Task group waitForAll() on MainActor

An abbreviated version of my function:

func myThing() async throws
  try await withThrowingTaskGroup(of: Void.self) {
    (taskGroup) in
    // add some things to the group
    try await taskGroup.waitForAll()

On the waitForAll() call, I get this warning:

Passing argument of non-sendable type 'inout ThrowingTaskGroup<Void, any Error>' outside of main actor-isolated context may introduce data races

I'm guessing what's going on is 1) the closure I pass to withThrowingTaskGroup() inherits @MainActor from the function (this is good for my actual "do the work" part), and 2) waitForAll() is not MainActor isolated, so by calling it I'm effectively passing the non-Sendable task group out of the MainActor context.

Since I'm not supposed to send the task group outside of the task where it was created, how do I call waitForAll() without doing that?

Please state your configuration (swift version etc) when reporting such, it makes things easier to check :slight_smile:

On that specific one, this was fixed recently by having the method accept in isolation parameter:

public mutating func waitForAll(isolation: isolated (any Actor)? = #isolation) async {

Iā€™m not at a computer anymore today to check if this was in beta 1 already or not though.

Id expect this to work with new beta and sdk releases.

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Yes, it appears beta 1 has the updated signature.

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Good point. I'm using Xcode 15.4, so I believe it's Swift 5.10.

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