Syntax highlighting very broken in release Xcode, ever since ~Copyable was added

I don't think it's just me, as it's been happening on all Macs I used Xcode on for a while. Ever since the earliest move only types enabled toolchains syntax highlighting is completely broken, and it still made it into the final Xcode release!

Types declared in different files or modules often don't get highlighted and just use white text:

Enums with multiple patterns are broken:


Result builder attributes don't get highlighting in function signatures:


Generics don't get highlighting:

Initializers in implicit returns are highlighted when they shouldn't be:


And a lot more that I don't have examples of.

Why is a release version of Xcode this broken, and are others also having these issues? I don't get why it's getting increasingly bad every year, it seems like the only improvements are SwiftUI previews getting marginally better each time.