Switching from Web development to Mobile

Hi everyone, my name is Elie, I'm French and brand new to the world of Swift development. Also, I've come here among experts to obtain fruitful information.

Indeed, I'm switching from web development (TypeScript, Vue) to mobile development with a huge preference for Swift, which I no longer want to leave.

I love this language, its integrated typing, which despite its youth, is somewhat what I found with TypeScript, but really just a bit... :roll_eyes:.
It encompasses everything I'm looking for: first, it's beautiful, then it's secure, fast, and powerful.

I want to bounce back fairly quickly, which is why I found it pertinent to come and bother you a bit :sweat_smile: to inform myself about the most frequently encountered concepts in Swift development among startups, scale-ups, etc...

I'm not looking for the roadmap, but rather for all-terrain equipment to be credible. I love clean code.

Thank you in advance for all your responses :+1:t4:

Hi @Elie77350,

Welcome to the forums.

If you haven't already, you can make a good start here ( Documentation) and especially here (Language reference).

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Thank you, Ibex10,

Yes, it's the first thing I did, and it's actually one of the most beautiful documentations I've ever seen for a language.

I'm still diving into it for everything related to frameworks, packages, etc.

Receiving a synthesis of the most common concepts from you would be a great help, as Swift's documentation is extensive, beyond the basic elements common to all programming languages.

Starting to dig where it's most relevant will save me some time while continuing to deepen other concepts.

Documentation is very important, but experience matters too!

Looks like you have already learned to crawl. :slight_smile:

You could then start tackling the generic programming and concurrency topics. For the concurrency, I would just start reading the related Swift evolution proposals, beginning with the lowest number proposal. For the generic programming, I would do the same.

If you get stuck, you can always ask for help on the forums by asking clearly articulated questions.

As for the mobile development, you would also need to tackle the Swift UI and UIKit side of the things. These forums, however, are dedicated to only the Swift Programming language itself.


Thank you ibex10,

I will explore these topics!