SwiftPM: what's the conflict?

When fetching dependencies SwiftPM gives the following error:

error: dependency graph is unresolvable; found these conflicting requirements:
    https://github.com/Bouke/NetService.git @ 0.5.0..<1.0.0
The command "swift test -c release -Xswiftc -enable-testing" exited with 1.

When noting a conflict, I would expect two conflicting version requirements to be listed. However there's only a single requirement on the listed packaged (from: "0.5.0") from the root package. There are no other dependees on that package. Can anybody give some insight on what the conflict is?

There is no version of NetService matching that requirement (did you forget to push a tag?). SwiftPM recently got a contribution that detects and emits the proper error in such cases.

Nope, there’s a 0.5.0 version correctly tagged. I suspect it might be due to a dependency not correctly targetting the right manifest version, however the error message doesn’t give any hint in that direction.

Ah. There is a JIRA for improving the diagnostic in such cases.

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