SwiftPM 0.6.0 for use with Swift 5.2?

Can someone with sufficient permissions please tag a semantic version of SwiftPM for use with Swift 5.2?

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Attn: @Aciid

I'm looking into this, and since SwiftPM has dependencies on the swift-llbuild and swift-tools-support-core repositories as well, I think we'll need to tag semvers of those repos first, so that we can change SwiftPM's dependency on them to be a semver dependency. Talking with @David_M_Bryson about that.

Yes. That is what we’ve needed to do in the past.

With my set of forks, I already started setting it up. I began with swift-5.2-RELEASE in each repository (swift-5.2-branch for tools support core), pointed the manifest at versioned dependencies, and tagged a version. It seems to be working fine, but I haven’t gotten through all of my integration tests yet for other reasons.

Thanks... I had started doing something similar. @David_M_Bryson has tagged the swift-llbuild and swift-tools-support-core repositories, though one thing seems a little odd: the previous tag in the swift-tools-support-core repository was 0.0.1 and the new one is 0.0.2. It seems to me that minor versions should probably be used for that repository as well, so that there is room for patch releases if needed. What is your opinion?

I don’t really have an opinion. Unless otherwise documented, a 0 version has no compatibility implications and should only be used with .exact anyway.

  • SwiftPM and LLBuild have been incrementing the minor and patch numbers as though they were major and minor numbers.
  • SwiftSyntax has been using the corresponding Swift version as a minor number (0.50200.0).
  • TSC and Numerics have been incrementing the patch number as though it were a major number.

So it’s a free‐for‐all.

Thanks for your description of the various practices in use. It does indeed sound like a free-for-all. I am testing a change that uses .exact() for both of SwiftPM's dependencies (on swift-llbuild and swift-tools-support-core).

Thank you. GitHub notified me of the 0.6.0 release.