SwiftNIO & Windows

I'm currently developing a cross platform app (Mac / Windows) and I'm using Swift to do it as I've got a lot of existing code I'd like to reuse from other iPad and Linux applications.

I've got the Swift toolchain (5.4) setup and working on Windows, thanks for all the hard work that's gone into this. My challenge is that one of the main libraries that various things depend on is SwiftNIO.

From looking at issues in the SwiftNIO repositories it would appear that SwiftNIO doesn't currently support Windows? It doesn't seem to compile with a swift build at least. I couldn't find any issues discussing this more recently than October 2020.

Does anyone know if this is something that's being actively worked on or if there is somewhere that's tracking the progress of this?

SwiftNIO does not currently support Windows, that's correct. There are two steps required to get there, neither entirely trivial. We need to get patches landed that get NIO compiling on Windows. @compnerd has been doing a great job here but currently he's doing the bulk of the heavy lifting himself, and he's a busy guy and just doesn't scale that wide.

The other problem is that we need to arrange suitable CI. It is hard and demoralising to do this work at the moment because none of the NIO team use Windows, and so without Windows CI we will rapidly break the support again. This is a separate, larger issue.

For the code, I recommend discussing with @compnerd. For CI, that's a NIO team issue. We're working on it.


For anyone else that finds this, there's more information given here: Status of swift-nio on Windows?

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