SwiftNIO SSL 1.2.0 released!

I'm delighted to announce that the SwiftNIO project has just released SwiftNIO SSL version 1.2.0. This release contains 4 changes. The release notes are below:

Semver Minor

  • Support users supplying a passphrase callback for private keys with passphrases on both the OpenSSLPrivateKey and to the SSLContext.
  • Added OpenSSLPKCS12Bundle structure for accessing the contents of a PKCS#12 bundle.

Semver Patch

  • Fixed a bug where the initializer for OpenSSLPrivateKey and OpenSSLCertificate that used a buffer of memory could accidentally escape a pointer from a withUnsafeBytes callback.
  • Improved syscall handling, reducing the risk of errors from return codes like EINTR.