Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: October 10th 2023




  • :a: libcurl security patch to be picked up by @mishal_shah
    • New Docker image is needed.
  • Finalize package page PR.
    • :a: @daveverwer to finalize the copy.
    • Side-navigation issue brought up by @daveverwer
      • @mishal_shah suggested to use the same pattern as the one at the bottom of blog posts.
      • @daveverwer to update the PR to introduce a navigation link.
      • :a: @mishal_shah to look into the safe flag.
    • @tomerd asked if keeping the data up-to-date has been considered. @daveverwer confirmed that the data will be updated before the merge and will be kept up-to-date afterwards.
    • The goal is to have the PR approved by end of the week. @daveverwer to publish a preview.
  • Navigation next steps.
    • @kaishin pitched the idea of prototyping a vertical layout with top navigation without changing the content layout of the current site.
    • :a: After positive feedback from the group, the next step is for @kaishin to create a prototype.
  • Document to gather requirements for a Swift-based rewrite of the site.
    • @mishal_shah suggested starting off in a private repo then moving it to the workgroup repository once ready.
      • @James_Dempsey pitched keeping a reference document alongside the discussion in the issue and/or forums.
  • @tomerd mentioned the upcoming posts in the Windows series.
  • Discussed the CSS re-indentation PR and agreed to introduce a Prettier configuration to avoid this in the future. :a:
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