Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: 17th January 2023



Community Blog Post Review

SEO Improvements PR

Content Improvements

  • @James_Dempsey pitched linking to TSPL in the Getting Started page.
  • @daveverwer asked if it would be a separate section.
  • @alexandersandberg pitched linking to the docs and API design guidelines in a separate section.
  • :a: @alexandersandberg to add a section the bottom that links to the docs.
  • :a: @James_Dempsey to add the link to the book in the Go Further data. The data needs to include a flag to mark the resource as full-width. Specific naming to be discussed in the PR.
    • :a: @kaishin to update the CSS to allow expanding any item marked full-width to two columns.
  • @alexandersandberg suggested adding arrow to external links. :a: @kaishin to make the change in his open PR.
  • The workgroup agreed to not make any changes to the platform mentions in the Using Swift section.
  • :a: @daveverwer suggested spelling out SwiftPM inside the Using Swift section. PR to follow.
  • @tomerd suggested workgroup members to follow the guides written by others.
    • :a: @kaishin to go over the CLI and library guides.
    • @kaishin pitched adding screenshots to the SwiftUI guide.
      • :a: @0xTim follow the tutorial and add screenshots.
  • @kaishin asked if we can source thumbnails for the Go Further section.
    • @mishal_shah pointed out that it might make the section look busy.
    • The workgroup agreed to give thumbnails a try before making a decision.
    • :a: @kaishin to add thumbnails for videos. Will also explore icons if time allows.
    • The workgroup agreed to not display publication dates in the Go Further section.
  • The workgroup has agreed to target end of January to prepare the content-improvements branch for external input.
    • Missing items are the vapor guide and the install page.
    • :a: @0xTim to open a PR with the Vapor guide.
    • :a: @tomerd @mishal_shah to get the install page ready.

Open PRs

  • @mishal_shah looked into #131 and mentioned that there were no security patches between 3.x and 5.x. The library is used in one section of the website to toggle expandable sections.
  • The workgroup agreed to close the PR for now without merging.
  • :a: @mishal_shah to open a new issue to remove the dependency and explore replacements.


  • @kaishin pitched using the same forums thread for the agenda.
  • @tomerd volunteered to send a reminder on Slack. @kaishin suggested to automate the reminder.
  • :a: @0xTim to look into adding the bi-weekly reminder to Slack.
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