Swift Website Workgroup Meeting Notes - 14th June

Apologies for these being very late! I have no excuse, it just slipped my mind to post them!


  • Dave Verwer
  • James Dempsey
  • Michael Schinis
  • Mishal Shai
  • Paul Hudson
  • Reda Lemeden
  • Tim Condon
  • Tim Triemstra
  • Tom Doron


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  • :a: Action Item

Previous Action Items

:arrow_right: Blog post review process and the next Swift.org post by @TimTr and @tomerd

  • The plan is to try a GitHub gist based review for this post and to see how things go from there.

  • There was a discussion around privacy of both draft blog content and also comments on that draft content and it was concluded that there wasn’t much to worry about. Gist random URLs are secure enough for community-contributed content.

  • Posts from Apple or anything needing disclosure will stay with the old process.

  • :a: @tomerd and @TimTr to follow up with the next post to get it into review.

:arrow_right: Progress towards preview deployments by @mschinis and @mishal_shah

  • @mschinis has got a preview working with Netlify but there are a couple of problems:

    • There is no way to delete a preview once created.
    • No integrated way to deploy via a bot. Deploying via a bot is desirable so that no resources are wasted before someone with code ownership has given the change a once-over.
  • It is a goal for any implementation of this to be for any code owner of the website to initiate a preview deploy.

  • Netlify only supports two docker images for building and may not be able to build a Swift-based version of the site.

  • @mschinis also investigated a GitHub Actions based solution that publishes to GitHub Pages but found some issues with base URLs.

  • @mishal_shah tried something similar with GitHub pages previously and the same issues that @mschinis faced.

  • :a: @mschinis to continue to investigate the preview process and whether there are solutions to the two issues from above.

  • :a: @mschinis to look into whether Netlify may be able to build a future Swift-based version of the site.

  • :a: @mishal_shah to look into funding the project

:arrow_right: Adding more verification to the deployment process from @mishal_shah

  • @mishal_shah created the new test configuration

  • :a: @mishal_shah will create an issue on the forum to gather ideas on what else could be tested.

:white_check_mark: Using projects on GitHub to track progress from @0xTim

  • @0xTim created three projects for content, design, and technology where people may create issues.
  • @tomerd suggested that some action items from SWWG meetings could be created straight into GitHub actions.

:arrow_right: Discussion of starting to make immediate content improvements with the goal to propose solutions that the community can be involved in

  • @James_Dempsey made a first step towards this with a proposal for a “What’s new” section that could be added to the site home page.

  • @TimTr suggested that the home page also needs information about getting started, downloading, etc… as well as dynamic content.

  • @daveverwer suggested it could be a weekly blog post initially as a way to get started rather than a something fundamentally new

  • @daveverwer also suggested that making all the links be to swift.org content or forum posts that link to other community posts/events to potentially make approval easier.

  • @James_Dempsey made the point that there There’s a difference between short-form and long-form content and we should make sure the long-form content is still prominently highlighted.

  • @daveverwer raised two points that putting together a process for the community to suggest content and making sure that someone was responsible for the ongoing management of the process would be important.

  • @tomerd raised the point that it would be important to ensure that if we began providing "What's New" content on a regular basis that there was a process and commitment to avoid lose steam and enthusiasm over time.

  • :a: @kaishin to investigate a homepage design that would mix dynamic content with additional static content.

  • :a: @James_Dempsey to continue to work the proposal.

:arrow_right: The prototype Swift-based static website from @tomerd

  • @tomerd shared the prototype and explained that it’s a little out of date and built on top of a slightly modified Publish.

  • He also explained that there are some experiments in this prototype, but that they are not suggestions on redesign.

  • :a: The group should review and experiment further!

:arrow_right: New navigation and design investigation from @kaishin

:arrow_right: Find out of date URLs that point to the old swift-internals from @mishal_shah

  • @mishal_shah explained that the repository is now archived and all content has been moved over but would appreciate a fresh set of eyes to find any broken links that have been missed.

  • :a: @everyone Find any swift internals content still linked from the Swift.org site.

:arrow_right: WWDC Recap post from @TimTr

  • @TimTr explained that there is an Apple post in-progress.

  • @TimTr raised a point about whether it would be possible for Apple to license Swift.org to re-host some of the WWDC content under a Creative Commons license.

  • @tomerd raised the issue of getting the community involved Can we get the community involved? It would be interesting to have a community angle as well as an Apple perspective.

  • :a: @TimTr to follow up on re-hosting/licensing issues

  • :a: @TimTr to follow up on the Apple-authored WWDC recap post

  • :a: @daveverwer to start a thread asking for potential candidates from the community to write a recap post.

  • :a: @daveverwer to work with that person to help shape the post.

:arrow_right: Discussions postponed until next meeting:

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