Swift Website Workgroup - Meeting Notes: 11th April 2023



  • @mishal_shah Regarding the Core team meeting to discuss content-improvments:
    • Trying to find a time slot that works for workgroup members in Europe.
    • :a: @kaishin: Get the navigation prototype ready so we can start the discussion in the meeting.
  • Swift 5.8 blog post is out.
    • @james_dempsey We could try to be more consistent with the release announcement process.
  • @mishal_shah: Any feedback on the blog post process?
    • :a: @alexandersandberg Share some feedback in written form.
    • @mishal_shah: We're looking into changing some of the release process and this could be a good opportunity to improve the blog post process.
    • @0xtim asked if blog posts should automatically be posted on the forum as an announcement.
    • @mishal_shah replied that we should do that.
    • :a: Alexander: Make 5.8 announcement on the forum.
  • @james_dempsey: On adding feature identifiers to the JSON source.
    • @mishal_shah: Reached out to Alex Martini to figure out the timeline.
    • @james_dempsey: We can achieve this via adding the necessary data directly in the JS to unblock the implementation.
    • :a: @james_dempsey to finalize PR to add feature identifiers and ability to search feature flags.
    • Alex Martini: It might be worth considering adding the script that parses the evolution files and outputs the JSON to the repository.
  • @kaishin shared the latest design with the icons.
  • :a: @kaishin: Merge the icon PR and clean up the navigation prototype.
  • :a: @0xTim: Get the Atom feed PR merged.
  • @James_Dempsey: Posted a draft of a blog post about value types to be linked to from the Getting Started page and guides.
    • :a: All members: Review the blog post.
  • @James_Dempsey: To add a thread to the forum to gather a list of things we did the last year.
  • @0xTim: Regarding the website PR previews, we had a couple of instances where the website was broken due to a PR merge.
    • :a: @mishal_shah to look into finalizing this, preferably before the content-improvementsbranch is merged.