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I can imagine that for various reason it might be forbidden on this forum to establish any tutor-tutee business relationships through posts... but also if the community goal is for a wider audience to gain a deeper understanding of the language, and if there are people on the forum who would love to find a solid tutor that they can turn to for help with their Swift journey, then maybe it's perfectly acceptable to post about tutoring services. So I'm posting about it, and I'm happy to take it down if it's disallowed.

That being said, I'd love to connect with a couple of people who feel that they could benefit from some zoom tutoring sessions with someone who is quite experienced with the language (me). Tutoring is a side-income for me and since I enjoy it quite a lot it doesn't have to pay top dollar to be worth it to me, so for now I'll be offering rates that are more manageable than the norm. I've worked passionately and consistently with Swift since the first year it was launched, so I have quite a strong grasp of many of the deeper and more powerful pieces of the language.

I whipped up a quick website to this end, pretty much just for fun - here it is:

I can be contacted through the website but also responses to this post are fine.

Thanks for reading!

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