Swift to participate in GSoC 2021!

The reason for the related projects not being tested is capacity. If you can provide hosts for CI, I think that resolving that it would be quite possible.

I think that what would be more useful than build-script would be reworking the tree layout to not have deep paths. There are a few cases where we have >256 characters in paths which is a bigger problem and crops up more commonly with the CI infrastructure.

Just to post an idea if anyone wants to take it on; SPM dependency pre-built caches.

We have a number of dependencies which take a significant time to build so we pre-build them to a cache for our CI. Each CI job then pulls in the cache and saves a significant time on each CI run.

Currently we do this though a combination of Carthage and our own tooling but really want to use SPM. This is one of the last major stumbling blocks for us to adopt it.


I'm happy to confirm Swift was accepted as participating organization in this years Google Summer of Code! :partying_face:

Now is a good time to continue looking into the project proposals, talk to mentors, and generally prepare for the next milestone, which will be:

  • March 30 - April 13 - Student Application Period

Hassan posted a nice experience report from his last year over here: My GSoC Experience

It can be useful for first-time GSoC students – so if that's you – you might want to give it a read :slight_smile:



I would like to suggest a few ideas for GSoc 2021 for the Swift world, I hope that this is the right place to make this proposal.

Swift on Windows

Windows now uses a binary format (ECMA-based) to describe the shape of the OS APIs. This capability is now used to produce both Rust and C# APIs that give access to the entire set of Windows APIs.

There are already MIT-licensed C# and Rust implementations of this bridge, and could serve as a blueprint to do this. It would allow Swift to be a first class citizen in Windows.

This can be completed during the summer.

Swift on Android

While there is an effort to support Swift on Android, it would be great to create a binding generator that would surface the Android API to Swift developers. Xamarin's open sourced tools have enough support to turn arbitrary Android APIs into C# APIs, and could be used as a reference.

I do not believe that the summer would be enough to complete the work, but it could certainly make some progress in that direction.

Fund TokamakUI

The Tokamak folks have built a SwiftUI engine that runs on WebAssembly and to some extend on Linux. It would be great to fund this effort to get this SwiftUI-like platform to be both more complete, and more polished.

Very good fit for summer of code.

"Swift Tool" support

I would love to have a way of creating command line tools in Swift installed into the system, or for the user, similar to npm install which can turn the project into a command line tool that is installed into the system. This would make it convenient to distribute Unix commands written in Swift.

This would extend SwiftPM, so I would envision:

$ swift install --global

Very good fit for a summer of code event.


I’ve touched this point in [Pitch] SwiftPM support for Swift scripts (revision), part of which going to be my choice for GSoC project. You can check the “Alternative considered” part for an alternative solution which I think is better.

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The student submission period has officially ended -- thanks everyone!

We received a lot of proposals and will take the next weeks to review and decide which we'd like to request slots for and eventually accept.

Please be patient and look forward to the final student+project announcements on May 18th 2021 :partying_face:

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