Swift ported on FreeBSD platform

Thank you for your replies. I emailed the port maintainer for Swift at FreeBSD pointing to this thread a few days ago. Give it a week or so, for a response. I wasn't knowledgeable enough to build it for Swift version 3 and send back the Makefile instructions. I told the maintainer there wasn't any rush, but it would be nice for FreeBSD to be shown as a supported platform for Swift. It's in the open for anyone interested in this. Here's the page, again, FreshPorts -- lang/swift: Swift programing language . Thank you for your interest.



It's great that people have contributed ports to other platforms.
Declaring a platform as officially supported on swift.org, though, implies a bit more infrastructure on our part, such as CI to ensure the port remains working in active development, regular generation of nightly and/or release binaries, etc.
We only have this infrastructure in place for Ubuntu and Apple platforms right now, and we're still working out ways for contributors to provide infrastructure to fully support additional platforms.

As a bit of advice, I'd recommend including the Swift version in the port name, to call it 'swift-2.2' or 'swift-3.0' or whatever, since Swift 2 and Swift 3 are different source-level languages, and the Swift ABI is not yet settled, so any source- or binary-based packages that depend on Swift are going to necessarily depend on an exact compiler version for now.
Thu Dec 8 10:43:39 CST 2016


Why not start porting Swift 3.x instead of 2.2.x as reflect on freshports page which many recently projects and libraries will be based on and aren't backward source compatible with Swift 3?
Wed Dec 7 21:17:31 CST 2016


Swift has been ported to FreeBSD.
You can see that here FreshPorts -- lang/swift: Swift programing language .
Can Swift.org - About Swift be updated to reflect this? Thank you.
Wed Dec 7 19:43:30 CST 2016