Swift Package plug in for generated C-style code

I was looking into adopting swift packages plug ins for generating Djinni source code to bridge Swift to C++. Djinni generates C++ and Objective-C++ code. It appears the plug in build tools do not support generated header files because the search path is not passed to the internal and public code that requires it to compile. It also attempts to compile the header files which it warns that it doesn't know how to handle.

My requirements:
The plug in build command needs to provide the public and internal search paths that are needed to compile the non-generated source that depends on what the build tool generated. For my purpose, this would include a non-generated folder that the Djinni package provides. The internal header search paths would be passed to all internal generated and non-generated source. The public header search paths would be passed to all internal generated and non-generated source and any package that depends on this package.

Potential solution:
Add a new c-style-supported buildCommand and prebuildCommand APIs that have parameters for arrays of internal and public header search path folders paths.

Thanks for your ideas on how to support C-family language source code generation in plugins, these can definitely help with further evolution in that area.

We did make some changes here in 5.7 to more clearly state that generating source code for languages other than Swift isn't supported: swift-package-manager/TargetSourcesBuilder.swift at main · apple/swift-package-manager · GitHub -- this means any C-family source files, headers and module maps will be skipped from tools-version 5.7 on, with a warning diagnostic.

Swift has always had interoperability (that may be an exaggeration; perhaps the better word is cooperation) with C-family languages as one of its core philosophies. Is support for this a future enhancement?