swift-package-manager support in CocoaPods


I am working with the CocoaPods project, which is a way to publish and get
exposure for Swift libraries.

Specifically I am working on the pod-template project which is the
recommended and supported way for all new library authors to model their

I hope that we can update this template to be simultaneously compatible
with Swift Package Manager so that libraries created using the pod-template
recommendations will immediately be available to Swift Package Manager

For a lower bound on the installed base of pod-template users, please
search GitHub for this default text from pod-template.

"To run the example project, clone the repo, and run"

If anyone would please be able to assist with this, please follow this
issue at a minimum and help provide guidance in test casing and
implementing this goal.

Update project layout for Swift Package Manager · Issue #157 · CocoaPods/pod-template · GitHub

Thank you,


William Entriken