Swift Package Manager support for embedded .xcframework

I would like to switch to using Swift Package Manager (SPM) from CocoaPods.

I have a mostly Swift framework but it includes a couple 3rd party libraries and frameworks. The new integration of SPM in Xcode 11 looks great, but it looks like I can't use it to distribute my framework because of these embedded libraries (aka "vendored" libraries).

But Apple has also added support for distributing binary frameworks as xcframeworks. If I can get my 3rd parties to provide xcframeworks AND SPM supported inclusion of xcframeworks, I would have the best of both worlds.

So, does anyone know if this is on the horizon for SPM? If so, great. If not, are there any blockers for making this happen?


At this point, Swift packages can only contain source code and unit tests. Support for distributing binary products is something that we (as a community) need to explore and design.