Swift Package Manager Leads to Crash in armv7k devices


I've recently migrated my app to use Swift Package Manager (SPM), and made some minimal changes and dependency upgrades. To my surprise, the app is now crashing on launch for armv7k Apple Watch devices! I've found some hints that this is indeed SPM related, but can't figure out a workaround...

The crash occurs on accessing an SPM dependency APIs (RxSwift) within my dynamic framework (Prayerz), which is built inside the workspace.

Any pointers on the topic are appreciated!

P.S. App was released with Xcode 11.4.1 11.5 (Build SDK: 17F65)

This is likely a known Xcode 11.4.* code generation bug for 32 bit devices. Use Xcode 11.3 or 11.5 instead.

More details in Crashes on 32 bit after Xcode 11.4

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My bad, it was released with Xcode 11.5

I ended up removing SPM dependencies from the watchOS targets, and integrating them with Carthage instead. Submitted the update yesterday, and today users have verified that the issue was resolved.