Swift or ios3 or python

I am a complete newbie to coding and plan on writing a simple app for the iphone7

  1. What Is the difference between swift ios3 and python…can I use just one of the 3 languages or do I have to use 2 or more together?
  2. Any good books or videos you can recommend for beginners?
  3. If possible, please reply to tobqqa@yahoo.com

Thank you for your assistance.


  1. Swift is the current preferred language for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS development.
    iOS is the operating system, not a language.
    Python is an excellent, interpreted language which has barely any use in the iOS context.
    If you were going to try to use a different language for iOS development, it'd have to be Objective C or C++, but I'd not recommend them.

  2. Check out https://www.raywenderlich.com/.

  3. As a point of netiquette, expect your questions to be answered in the forum in which they were asked.

Have all the fun you can.


me and many of my friends learned from Stanford CS193p course, which is widely available to the public on the internet for free.

The spring 2020 course has already been released on youtube. This is the first time the UI framework being used is SwiftUI, but I would recommend getting started with UIKit instead. I do not know, however, whether last year's course was made public.

If you're completely new to coding, you should probably start with Swift Playgrounds :) or any other coding tour.

The CS193p is meant for people who already know programming and understand some of the patterns and paradigms.

I would like to join @Hacksaw in encouraging you to use this forum. You can setup the forum to notify you via email :)


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