Swift on windows, how to import Cocoa?


How can I do "import Cocoa" on windows?
If there is no official way is there a different way ?
I need to use the sleep function

Cocoa (AppKit) is macOS-only, but the standard library and Foundation are available elsewhere -- and that includes Task.sleep(nanoseconds:). Do you need a different sleep function?

Can I import foundation ?

Yes, if you set everything up correctly, import Foundation should work.

error: 'async' call in a function that does not support concurrency
Task.sleep(nanoseconds: 5000)

you need to mark the function it’s in as being async. this means adding the keyword async before the function’s return type.

so can you give an example

- static func main() throws
+ static func main() async throws 
    try await Task.sleep(nanoseconds: 5000)
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I dont have a function

You have two options for sleeping:

  • In a Swift async context, use Task.sleep(nanoseconds:) or one of its variants. These are built-in.

  • Outside of that context, use Thread.sleep(forTimeInterval:) or one of its variants. To access these, import Foundation.

The Thread option blocks the thread in the traditional way. On Unix-y systems it might be implemented by nanosleep, for example.

The Task option is tied to Swift concurrency. That’s too complex to explain here but there are lots of good resources other there. To start, I recommend the Concurrency chapter in TSPL.

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Also, you can call the Windows Sleep function by importing WinSDK.

#if os(Windows)
import WinSDK

func msleep(milliseconds: UInt32) {
#if os(Windows)
    usleep(milliseconds * 1000)
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