Swift on Raspberry Pi 5 --Update: Resolved

Update: I was able to trace the problem down to an environment variable, although it appears the distribution I was running isn't officially supported by the Swift toolchain. I switched to Ubuntu 24.04 and everything works perfectly now.

Hello! I got Swift successfully running on the Raspberry Pi 5 running default Raspberry Pi OS using the official Aarch64 tarball. For reference, I followed the official instructions here:

Which as far as I can tell doesn't differentiate between chip architectures. I tried my best to install all the listed required dependencies, but some aren't available on RpiOS, even though it's based on Debian.

Now, everything appears to work perfectly fine. I can compile individual .swift files with swiftc, and I can create projects with the swift command, for example swift package init...

However, I'm getting sometype of runtime error that appears to be a memory address??? in hex, which is the following:

Build complete! (2.21s)
swift runtime: unable to protect path to swift-backtrace at 0x7fffbb007000: 22; disabling backtracing.
swift runtime: unable to protect environment for swift-backtrace at 0x7fffbafff000: 22; disabling backtracing.
Hello, world!

I hope I formatted this post correctly. Please let me know if I can provide any further information. Thanks!

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