Swift for Android: Call for the Community

on Android 11 Simulator. The application works as on, say, Android 8 Simulator. No differences.

Thanks for testing it, maybe the problem is with Swift executables then or just in the Termux app.

@dstoker-cricut, good to know you figured out the fix.

As for compiling Swift to JVM bytecode, that's only needed in tight loops that pass data between Java and Swift methods, but I doubt anybody is doing that yet, with early Swift apps on Android likely keeping the two fairly separate. I think JNI or Protobufs are good enough for such early use, and someone should only invest in such a SwiftJVM project once you have an app that truly needs it.

Right now, Swift bindings to JNI or Protobufs are good enough, certainly for me and likely for most using Swift on Android.

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