Swift Documentation Tooling work group - call for interest (video call kickoff survey)

There has been some interest expression in forming a "documentation tooling work group" focused around tooling for documentation generation and symbol graph-related projects:

To kick things off, I'm am looking to schedule a video call during the week of March 21-25 where those interested can gather together and explore opportunities for collaboration in such a work group. My impression is that there may be interest from individuals spanning a wide range of timezones, so I'd like to survey both interest in such a call and what times work. It might not be possible to find a time that works for everyone, but we can see what we can do!


I've created a forum link to create a partially constructed direct message to me for those interested in attending the call. Please indicate the days and times that work for you (including being clear on the timezone). Once timing is figured out, I'll follow up with details.


After looking at all the responses, I’ve scheduled a call for the following time:

Thursday, March 24, 11am PST

For those of you who reached out to me, you should have received a call link. If you did not receive one, please let me know.

For others who are still interested but didn't reach out to me already, please DM me if you are interested in joining the call.


Hi Ted,

I'd like to join the documentation work group chat. Can I please get a link to the meeting? I wasn't able to send you a private message through the link.

Thank you!

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Hi Hannah,

I’ve scheduled a call for the following time:

Thursday, March 24
11am PST

Webex link:


Password (if prompted):


I hope you can make it!


The summarized meeting notes for this meeting are available here: Meeting notes: Swift documentation tooling workgroup (March 24th 2022).