Swift dll functions returning memory that can't be freed by host app

I'm still testing out swift on windows as an option for porting our codebase to a windows project. I'm successfully building a .dll and calling it for a simple c++ command line app in vs 2019. However, I've run into one problem...

When our swift functions return a char*, we get an access violation exception when trying to free them in the host app. It sounds a lot like this problem:

Here's the swift library:

import CRT
import WinSDK
public func printhello() {
    print("Hello World")
public func hellotext() -> UnsafeMutablePointer<Int8>? {
    return _strdup("Hello return string")

And the cpp host:

#include <iostream>
extern "C" void printhello();
extern "C" const char* hellotext();
int main()
    const char* str = hellotext();
    printf("%s\n", str);
    free((char*)str); // <- access violation here
    return 0;

Yeah, this seems likely to be a cross-domain free. I would recommend that you actually create an entry point to expose the free function to the user. Alternatively, you could do the dual call approach (call without a buffer to get the necessary allocation size and then allocate and call again with the buffer to fill in the buffer).

Thanks for the confirmation. Both of those are good workarounds.