Swift detect sub cases for merged switch cases


I was wondering what the best option would be to detect subcases of a switch when using merged switch cases.
Assume I have a large enum as follows:

enum TableViewRow {
    case row1
    case row2
    // ...
    case rowX

And when I switch over it, I need to handle up to X cases (let's say 20 cases). So whenever possible I will merge cases into one, in order to reuse code like so:

switch row {
    case .row1, case .row2, case .row3 // ...
    // Do work here for all those cases
    default: break

Let's further assume there is one thing that differentiates all the cases: A title property.
So depending if it is row1 or row7, the title is different.
So in the merged case I could switch over row again and have a default title there for the default case, however that is not optimal.
I could also define a title property in TableViewRow, but maybe not every row has a title? (Maybe a bad example for Table View Rows, but assuming I only need a title for row 1 to 7 in that case only).

What I'd love to have is $0 or similar in each case, so $0 would be the actual case that we are in, even though multiple cases can be matched.
This way I could do

switch $0 {
 case row1:
   title = ""
 case row2:
  title = ""
  // ...
 case row7:
  title = ""

I know this only saves me the "default" case, however it makes no sense to have a default case that is never executed, yet I have to initialize the title variable in there.

How would you go about it? I also don't see myself doing lots of if case let .myRow = row in that subcase.

Any help appreciated

Would it work better to add associated values? It seems row1-row7 are the the same as far as this enum is concerned.