[Swift Community CI] Build Failure: Swift for TensorFlow - macOS High Sierra x86_64 (tensorflow) #969


[FAILURE] oss-swift-RA-macOS-tensorflow [#969]

Build URL:
Date of build:
Wed, 17 Apr 2019 19:14:38 -0500
Build duration:
43 min


  • Commit 9c349704123fa4f2a783cafef0251e7299a1273b by rxwei:
    [AutoDiff] [stdlib] Made arrays differentiable (#23183)

    • edit: stdlib/public/core/Array.swift
    • add: test/AutoDiff/array.swift
    • edit: test/Sema/struct_differentiable.swift
  • Commit b36166faacdfa5efb148b30eb4ed538dd751bcd4 by rxwei:
    [TF] Revert to Tensor as the index_type for Raw.fill.

    • edit: stdlib/public/TensorFlow/Tensor.swift
  • Commit 89a9033b642982724cc9fc5adcb2d921349f16c2 by rxwei:
    [TF] Added support for advanced indexing and slicing (#23684)

    • edit: stdlib/public/TensorFlow/Ops.swift
    • edit: test/TensorFlowRuntime/tensor.swift
    • edit: utils/update_checkout/update-checkout-config.json
  • Commit 61b77d05501f5e7ad09709b3859fc37049cae7c2 by rxwei:
    Fix callable type-checking. (#24103)

    • edit: test/decl/call/protocol.swift
    • edit: lib/Sema/CSSimplify.cpp
  • Commit 991e033e5fe5d40c8f140a0ab4bedbbdca5c888b by github:
    Disable hanging GPU test. (#24099)

    • edit: test/TensorFlowRuntime/string_description.swift
  • Commit ab850fa19144acab6cabb86d6919ca992e369515 by github:
    [TF] Make some data APIs take Int instead of Int64. (#24110)

    • edit: stdlib/public/TensorFlow/Dataset.swift
  • Commit 92958b5d3ad5bcde4eb8295fa0664a3b37af7c78 by rxwei:
    Add extension that implements SplitV. (#24096)

    • edit: stdlib/public/TensorFlow/ArrayOps.swift
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