First, I’ve been happy to see swift-format coming to life again. Thanks Tony (@allevato), ευχαριστώ Αργύριε (@akyrtzi), and thanks to whoever else I should be thanking but don’t know about.

I am curious about the long‐term fate of swift-cmark. Before swift-format came under the Swift umbrella, swift-cmark was there as a Git submodule, which interfered with using swift-format as a package dependency. On the other hand, I would absolutely love to not have to deal with swift-cmark directly, so I was hoping to maybe be able to one day migrate my current uses of it (all in tandem with SwiftSyntax) to swift-format’s Swift wrapper. But shortly after setting up the new repository, everything to do with swift-cmark appears to have been removed. Was that a temporary measure, or permanent? What is the eventual goal regarding documentation comments?

This is temporary, we are just taking some time to explore our options for a swift cmark wrapper, before adding something for other packages to depend on.

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