[Swift CI] LLDB test failing


Can someone please look into LLDB test failure? This is currently blocking development snapshot from being built.



Issue Details

FAIL: test_swift_expression_errors_dsym (lang/swift/expression/errors/TestExpressionErrors.py)
FAIL: test_swift_expression_errors_dwarf (lang/swift/expression/errors/TestExpressionErrors.py)
FAIL: test_swift_expression_errors_gmodules (lang/swift/expression/errors/TestExpressionErrors.py)
FAIL: test_with_dsym (lang/swift/variables/error_type/TestSwiftErrorType.py)
FAIL: test_with_dwarf (lang/swift/variables/error_type/TestSwiftErrorType.py)
FAIL: test_with_gmodules (lang/swift/variables/error_type/TestSwiftErrorType.py)

Changes which might have introduced this issue:
  • [swiftc (45 vs. 5156)] Add crasher in (details)
  • StdlibUnittest: change Minimal~Class types to actually be classes (details)
  • stdlib: add tests for AnyHashable.base, and make test names uniform (details)
  • stdlib: AnyHashable: add a fixme (details)
  • stdlib: add (XFAIL'ed) tests for errors and NSErrors in AnyHashable (details)
  • StdlibUnittest: add an `allowBrokenTransitivity` flag to (details)
  • runtime: make _SwiftNativeNSError use the Hashable conformance, if (details)
  • runtime: hide contents of SwiftValue.h from non-objc runtime build (details)
  • runtime: make SwiftValue use the Hashable conformance, if available (details)
  • stdlib: coding style and doc comment fixes (details)
  • runtime: move two AnyHashable-related entrypoints to (details)
  • stdlib: make AnyHashable(SwiftValue) unbox the value (details)
  • [Sema][NFC] Use the name of the Decl instead of "None" (details)
  • Add a changelog entry for SE-120 (details)
  • Add a changelog entry for SE-124 (details)
  • Add a changelog entry for SE-125 (details)
  • [syntax-map] Fix array-of-object-literal syntax map, argument label (details)
  • Add a changelog for SE-128 (details)

Mishal Shah