[Swift CI] Build Failure: OSS - Swift Package - Ubuntu 18.04 (swift 5.1) #369


[FAILURE] oss-swift-5.1-package-linux-ubuntu-18_04 [#369]

Build URL:
Date of build:
Mon, 01 Jul 2019 08:11:19 -0500
Build duration:
1 hr 19 min

Identified problems:

  • Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:
  • Swift Compile Error: Swift compiler error


  • Commit bc5432fb4fc26b50818b034b6aaa01ab6f913bee by spestov:
    Sema: Refactor FindCapturedVars to not require an AnyFunctionRef

    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckCaptures.cpp
  • Commit d7e2d1bca7708122bb38de5ce74c897e007231ee by spestov:
    AST: Various getCaptureInfo() methods are now const; add

    • edit: include/swift/AST/AnyFunctionRef.h
    • edit: include/swift/AST/CaptureInfo.h
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckCaptures.cpp
    • edit: include/swift/AST/Expr.h
    • edit: include/swift/AST/Decl.h
  • Commit fb2d5b43a2e0d0806110e3feb6d7f42e08c096d6 by spestov:
    Sema: Split off checkPatternBindingCaptures() from computeCaptures()

    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckCaptures.cpp
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeChecker.h
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckDecl.cpp
    • edit: test/SILOptimizer/definite_init_diagnostics_globals.swift
    • edit: include/swift/AST/Decl.h
    • edit: lib/SILGen/SILGen.cpp
  • Commit 10810f72ef8dfd094e3e5c69ef3ccd0c7d787264 by spestov:
    Sema: Diagnose DynamicSelfType usages inside stored property

    • edit: test/type/self.swift
    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckCaptures.cpp
    • edit: include/swift/AST/DiagnosticsSema.def
  • Commit 078572df891c2b4dd229fa2628bbe2322e597f94 by tyu.sam:
    [Diagnostics]: Add diagnostics for incorrect property wrapper references

    • edit: test/decl/var/property_wrappers.swift
    • edit: include/swift/AST/DiagnosticsSema.def
    • edit: lib/Sema/CSSimplify.cpp
  • Commit 978b5bb92967c482170df4ae325e21054fe2e2d7 by pyaskevich:
    [Diagnostics] NFC: Adjust one of the property wrappers test cases to

    • edit: test/decl/var/property_wrappers.swift
  • Commit fdc02ef755940cc25e5aea7c9fed4e31df9762d1 by pyaskevich:
    Correctly handle subscript misuse without a parent apply expr. SR-10987

    • edit: test/decl/subscript/subscripting.swift
    • edit: lib/Sema/CSDiagnostics.cpp
  • Commit 1aea2ce23f02cda5d23fef7bf3d8e1ae81ba57c0 by spestov:
    [Swift] AbstractFunctionDecl::getCaptureInfo() no longer returns a

    • edit: source/Plugins/ExpressionParser/Swift/SwiftASTManipulator.cpp
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