[Swift CI] Build Failure: OSS - Swift Package - Ubuntu 18.04 (master) #3191

# [FAILURE] oss-swift-package-linux-ubuntu-18_04 [#3191]

Build URL: https://ci.swift.org/job/oss-swift-package-linux-ubuntu-18_04/3191/
Project: oss-swift-package-linux-ubuntu-18_04
Date of build: Sat, 08 Aug 2020 06:18:39 -0500
Build duration: 2 hr 38 min

Identified problems:- Compile Error: This build failed because of a compile error. Below is a list of all errors in the build log:

Changes- Commit 50265140aaca5f1af82a6e7a2dc4833488e6ccb3 by mgottesman:

[sil] Define ValueOwnershipKind::isCompatibleWith(SILValue v).

  • edit: include/swift/SIL/SILValue.h

  • Commit 3ae31d5173053e76764ac386150cd4dd2276219c by spestov:

    Sema: Don't need to derive CaseIterable's AllCases associated type

    • edit: lib/Sema/TypeCheckProtocol.cpp
    • edit: lib/Sema/DerivedConformanceCaseIterable.cpp
    • edit: test/IDE/complete_override.swift
    • edit: stdlib/public/core/CompilerProtocols.swift
    • edit: lib/Sema/DerivedConformances.h